Coolsun Project Presentation

COOLSUN is a European research and development project, which aims to elaborate an innovative solution to warm up or cool down building rooms and to produce sanitary hot water from solar energy.

The solar energy received by the collectors is converted into heat at reasonably high temperature (80 to 150°C, potentially up to 200°C). This heat is then used for different purposes:

  •     Direct heating of sanitary water
  •     Direct space heating during the cold season
  •     Direct conversion, in an adsorption chiller, into cold water for space cooling.
  •     Storage for shifted consumption

Relying on the 3 specific system features: heat store, a dedicated environment-friendly water-free thermo-fluid and a unique controller optimizing energy collection & delivery according to the consumer demand, the COOLSUN system is likely to provide the full thermal energy autonomy from the sun in Mediterranean regions and equivalent or lower latitudes.

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Beyond the research project, the Consortium looks for setting up a large scale demonstration project. Visitors interested in hosting such a demonstrator are invited to Contact Us

FP7 Presentation :

The COOLSUN project is co-financed by the European Commission — Directorate General for Research, SME Unit — within the Seventh Framework Programme for research and development

FP7 Presentation

Coolsun Project

Coolsun Project

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